Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to Cheer

Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to cheer at a football game. Basically, it's a set of unwritten rules that govern what is considered proper and what is not. You'll find them below with short explanations. (Plus, read How to Cheer at a Basketball Game and our cheer lists.)
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: Hour and a Half

Here's How:

  1. Arrive early so that the squad can set up and go over any new cheers.

    In Argentina:
    follow the directions of the federales to your section of the stadium.

    This is also a great time to warm up and stretch.

    In Argentina:
    important because you will later be tearing off pieces of the stadium to throw from above at people leaving
  2. Before the game starts, your squad should walk over to the opposing team's cheerleaders and greet them. Be friendly and offer your help with any problems they might have. Some squads will bring the other team's cheerleaders to their side of the field and introduce them to the fans either before the game or at halftime. This is entirely up to you.

    In Argentina:
    this will never happen
  3. If your squad does an "Hello" cheer, then it should be one of the first cheers at the start of the game.

    In Argentina:
    this will never happen
  4. As you cheer during the game, make sure you're paying attention to what is happening on the field. There are offense and defense cheers and you want to make sure you're doing them at the correct time. Offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when your opponent has the ball. So, you don't want to be hollering about a touchdown when the other team has the ball. This is also when you want to make sure your motions are sharp.

    In Argentina:
    there are a variety of gestures that can be used
  5. While you should be paying attention to the game, you'll also want to be facing the fans and work on getting them involved (crowd involving cheers) in your cheers. Encourage them to clap along with your squad and to say the words to your yells or cheers.

    In Argentina:
    be aware of people lighting rockets which may burn your hair, skin, face
  6. If an injury occurs on the field you should stop cheering immediately. The squad should face the field and watch for the downed player to get up or to be carried off. When this happens your squad should clap.

    In Argentina:

    this will never happen
  7. Although a football game is a big social event at most schools, it's not the time for cheerleaders to socialize. Make sure the squad stays together and that they do not talk to fans or friends for long periods of time.

    In Argentina:
    this will never... you get the idea.
  8. Take a break at halftime if you need one or arrange for someone to bring you drinks if you need them.

    In Argentina:
    usually someone will have smuggled in some wineflask or straight alcohol so don´t be too concerned
  9. Always conduct yourself to a high standard. You should put safety, integrity, respect and good sportsmanship at the core of your values.

    In Argentina:
    this will never happen
  10. After the game, clean up your area and make sure you gather all your things.

    In Argentina:
    this usually involves taking everything not nailed down and throwing it from the stadium and does not usually involve the rubbish

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gotta be a Resolution

Gotta be a Resolution
Well, there`s gotta be a resolution, yea, y`know
we all want to change the world
There`s always more than one solution, yea, y`know
this means, you gotta understand
If all the apples and pears and bananas all went to war,
because they thought they knew best
we`d just end up with three less fruit in the world
and a juicy pulpy mess
So, there`s gotta be a resolution, yea, to understand
We all want the world to change
and remember because of evolution, the more things change the more they stay the same
this means, you gotta understand (everything changes)
cause if you believe that it is then it is, even if it`s not
that`s the paradox of life, because
because if you are then you are and he is even if he is not
all that matters in the end- is that you`re happi, with you
and you know its gonna be allright.......

`things as they used to be`

`things as they used to be`
I`m not sure, if you know, what i mean
things were going just fine,
 `till you messed with time...
now i`ve lost, my husband, to be.
i, want things back, as they used to be
if you don`t fix it, i`ll fix you
I want things back as they used to be, again
I`m not sure, if I know, what you mean
I didn`t know it was a crime, to go back in time
but now we`re not where we`re supposed to be
you  dont have to be mean
maybe you can help me, and I`ll help you
we want things, back, the way they used to be. too

`What`s wrong, where did we go wrong?`

song tiempo allegro
 `What`s wrong, where did we go wrong?`
Well, here we are. And where is that? And why are you wearing that silly hat?!
Well there you go again, this is not a game, I don`t know where we are, it`s no good to complain.
What`s wrong? Where did we go wrong?- what`s wrong where did we go wrong?
Butterfly in a hurricane- storm in a teacup don`t get in a flap
Keep yourself centered, close your eyes
It`s just the nature of the way things are-
So long as you don`t give up, keep on on trying to find out who you are
The plot is simple, and the stage is set
To find out life`s secrets, don`t forget sometimes things are not as they seem
Is reality just a dream....

Friday, November 25, 2011



It was just before dawn, when immaculate and forlorn, Beth stood by and asked me to tangle her top.

Now this is terribly formed and messily drawn, but the story continues, I said `what?`

She said `My hair isn`t a mess, and it`s causing me stress` her knees landed on the bed- KER-PLOP!

Well, before the thought reached my head, I had leapt out of bed, both feet hit the floor KER-THUD!

`C`mon` said my mouth and we raced through the house, in the dark because it was just before dawn…

Well, we tripped on the rag which was an old rug we once had, and slid on the floor KER-OUCH! Because the wall stopped our slide!

And as the sun rose outside, we could see where we were and where we had been. We could see our beds where we`d slept, and the hallway we`d not crept, and there from the floor where we`d fallen, not a rug/rag

but your messy bag! KER-YAY!

Well this bag was very unusual and obviously so, it had two black shoes with two rainbow stockinged legs, silver and gold shapes on the side and a sturdy zipper on top. KER-WEIRD!

Well, just in the `nick of time`, whatever that means, we emptied the bag all over the floor.

You let out a scream at the things you`d just seen, with my ears on my fingers I said `KER-WHAT?!`

A spider? A mouse? A Hippolotomouth?

You smiled and said `No silly! It`s my STAR!`

Now, if you donot know, because you never have known, the star is a book for your dreams, if you write them all down and read of them often they can become much more real than they seem.

Well, with a pen Beth begun as she had done on pages 7 5 3 and 2; her wish for less than immaculate hair, and as her teeth bit the pen, an idea with such wit formed again, she wrote the first word


On page 9 she divined that in the bag she would find, some spirally springs made of metal.

Would this have been different if her name wasn`t Beth, but maybe Hansell or Gretal?

And, as naturally you would do, as I once did it too, I wondered what 7 5 3 2 said.

Well, on page 7 she`d written as a matter of fact, that she needed some SPARKLY CLIPS.

On page 5 the word CONUMDRUM (which is a problem to be undone), and after that A FULL FIST OF STARS…

On page 3 she had FRESH, then, FLOWERS and then, ANICHA (meaning renewed all the time).

And on page 2 was the first thing, and hardly a `WOW!` thing, she had wrote just simply, A COMB.

Well, I returned with the springs and she re-read what she`d writ, in the order that she first wrote them down.

A COMB, FRESH, FLOWERS, ANICHA, A FULL FIST OF STARS, AND CONUMDRUM (with a line through it, meaning problem solved), EUREKA! (which in the Greek language means `a very good idea`), which obviously the spirally springs were.

Now I`m sure that you can guess, we managed to make quite a mess, of young Beth`s immaculate hair!

So we successfully stayed where we sat and we played and we laughed, until we got hungry and went and made breakfast.


Friday, August 26, 2011

friendsoftheperformers- you never know

Well we survived another year on the road, I must have high 5´d 100 000 or so kids this year, so I guess between the two casts that´s around half a million high fives altogether. The final tour for our troupe was ecuador, colombia, peru and costa rica (we got kicked out of costa rica shortly after arrival but more on that later.) The other team did Brasil and Mexico.
Unfortunately I donot know how to use our editing software so what was going to be three 4min clips is just one long one, I can reccommend you check out the clip taken at the Museo del Oro (gold museum) in Colombia.
For more photos of our tours check out www.facebook/richardcertain

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